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When Mercedes-Benz announced plans to open its only U.S. assembly plant in Alabama in 1993, an industry was launched. Since then, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota, as well as an expanding network of automotive suppliers, have joined Alabama’s vehicle manufacturing industry. A new dimension was added to this industry when Autocar, a maker of heavy-duty work trucks, launched production in the state. Currently under construction, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA will launch into full production later in 2021.

Automotive Jobs
Billion in Revenue

The output of Alabama’s auto industry is a powerful driver of economic growth for the state. Vehicles have become Alabama’s No. 1 export, with shipments to around 90 nations around the world every year. In 2019, exports of Alabama-made vehicles and parts totaled $7.5 billion, led by shipments to Germany, Canada and China. As a result employment in Alabama’s automotive manufacturing sector now exceeds 40,000. Around 26,000 of these jobs are in Alabama’s growing automotive supplier network, which now counts 150 major companies. Jobs in the automotive industry can teach new skills, allow work in a high-tech work environment with long-term job security, and provide competitive wages and benefits.

A Future in Automotive

The Alabama automotive manufacturing industry has many different positions that cover a wide range of skills and experience.  Based on what you would like to do, there is a pathway for you to follow.  View the Automotive Career Pathway document below to learn more about the jobs, opportunities, salaries and skills needed for a future in the automotive manufacturing industry. Also browse the additional resources in this section.

infographic showing pathways in the automotive industry
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For information on pre-employment classes and open positions.

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Alabama Office of Apprenticeship

To learn more about registered apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs in Alabama.

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To find the career center near you, search for job openings, and training and education programs.

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Alabama Automotive Manufacturer’s Association

For more info on auto manufacturing in Alabama.

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Alabama Original Equipment Manufacturers

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Alabama Auto Manufacturer Suppliers

2a USA, Inc.
Iljin Alabama Corporation 33 Innotive Tech, Inc.
Adient Clanton Inc.
Adient Us, LLC
Advanced Carrier Products, USA
AGC Automotive Alabama, Inc.
Alabama Cullman Yutaka Technologies LLC
Altec Industries Inc
Alto Products Corp
American Leakless Company, LLC
Amtech Llc
Antolin Alabama, LLC
Ap Plasman Inc.
ARD Logistics‐Alabama, LLC
Arkal Automotive USA, Inc.
BASF Catalyst LLC
Bermco Aluminum
BLG Logistics, Inc.
Bolta US Ltd.
Boysen USA Alabama, LLC
Bridgewater Interiors, LLC
Brose Tuscaloosa, Inc.
C &J Tech Alabama, Inc.
CCI Manufacturing USA
Choice Fabricators, Inc.
Chowel USA, Inc.
CNJ, Inc.
Cumberland Plastic Systems, L. L. C.
Daedong Hi‐Lex of America, Inc.
Daehan Solutions Alabama, LLC
Daeil USA Corporation
Daewon America, Inc.
DaikyoNishikawa US (DNUS)
DAS North America Inc.
Decatur Plastic, Inc.
DENSO Manufacturing Michigan Alabama
Deshazo Machine & Mfg Co
Donaldson Company
Donghee Alabama, LLC
Dongwon Autopart Technology Alabama, LLC
Dynetics Inc
E&I Inc.
Eissmann Automotive North America, Inc.
EnovaPremier of Alabama, LLC
Federal-mogul Chassis Products
Fehrer Automotive North America LLC
Fleetwood Metal Industries
Flex‐N‐Gate Alabama, LLC.
Fras-le North America Inc
Futaba Corporation of America
Gerhardi Inc.
Gestamp North America, Inc.
GFA Alabama Inc.
Glovis Alabama, LLC
Grupo Antolin North America
Gulf Shores Assemblies, LLC (GSA)
Guyoung Tech, USA Inc.
Hanil USA, L.L.C.
Hanon Systems Alabama Corporation
Hantal Alabama Corporation
Hanwha Advanced Materials America LLC
Hayashi Telempu North America (HTNA)
HFI, Inc.
HL‐A Co, Inc.
Honda Lock
HS Automotive
Hwaseung Automotive Alabama, Inc
Hwashin America Corporation
Hyundai Polytech America Company, Inc.
Hyundai Sungwoo Auto USA Corporation
Iljin Alabama Corporation
Industry Products Co. Inc.
Innotive Tech, Inc.
Inoac Interior Systems
INOAC Interior Systems LLC
International Automotive Components (IAC)
Intertec Systems LLC
Inteva Products, LLC
INZI Controls Alabama, Inc.
Jay Mid‐South, LLC
Johnson Controls
Kamtek Inc.
Kautex Alabama
Kasia North America
Kemmerich USA L.P.
Kobay Enstel ‐ South LLC
Koller‐Kraft South
Korens USA, Inc.
KTH Leesburg Products, LLC
KUMI Manufacturing Alabama, LLC
KwangSung America Corporation
Lear Corporation
Leehan America
Mando America Corporation
Matsu Alabama Inc
Metalsa Tuscaloosa Inc.
MISA Metal Processing, Inc.
MOBIS Alabama, LLC
MöllerTech USA, LLC
Morgan Performance Fabrication Llc
Motus Integrated Technologies
Nemak Alabama
New South Express, LLC
Newman Technology of Alabama Inc.
Nifco Korea USA Inc.
Nitto Denko Automotive Alabama, LLC.
North American Bus Industries
North American Lighting, Inc.
Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA, Inc.
PHA Body Systems, LLC
Plasman Corp LLC
Precision Strip, Inc.
Prince Metal Stampings USA
Prolific Plastics, Inc.
Pyongsan America, Inc.
Rainbow Omega Inc.
Rainsville Technology Inc.
Rausch & Pausch LP
Recticel North America, Inc.
REHAU Incorporated
Ridgeview Industries, Inc.
SABIC Innovative Plastics
SaeHaeSung Alabama Corporation
Sanoh America, Inc.
SAS Automotive Systems
SCA Inc.
Schmidt Automotive USA LP
SeJong Alabama, LLC
Seohan Auto USA Corporation
Seohan NTN Driveshaft USA Corporation
Seoyon E‐Hwa Interior Systems Alabama, LLC
Shape Corp
Shinhwa Group
SJA Inc. (Sejin America)
SL Alabama, LLC
SMART of Alabama, LLC
SMP Automotive Systems Alabama Inc.
Southern Stamping Inc
Stamped Products, Inc.
Straehle + Hess USA, Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, Inc.
Syncro Corp
T & C Stamping, Inc.
TASUS Corporation
Topre America Corporation
Touchstone Precision, Inc.
Toyota Boshoku America
Truck and Wheel Group Corporation
TS Tech Alabama, LLC
Unipres Alabama Inc.
Voestalpine Automotive Body Parts Inc.
Vuteq USA
Weidplas North America, LLC
WKW Erbsloeh Automotive GmbH
Wooshin USA
Y‐tec Keylex Toyotetsu Alabama (YKTA)
Yanfeng US Automotive Interior Systems I
Yongsan Automotive USA
Yorozu Automotive Alabama, Inc.
Yutaka Technologies
ZF Chassis Systems Tuscaloosa LLC
Zf Suspension Technology Guad

Jobs in Automotive

Industrial Production Managers
Project Management Specialists
Computer Programmers
Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Drafters
Production Operating Worker
Planning Clerk
Industrial Engineers
Materials Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Electronics Engineers
Health and Safety Engineers
Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Electronic Equipment Installers
Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters
Machine Maintenance Workers
Model Makers
Engine and Machine Assemblers
Machine and Tool Setters & Operators
Welders, Cutters, Solderers
Electro-Mechanical Technologists and Technicians