Do you like to write, act, sing, or create visual art? WHY IT MATTERS: Many careers in this cluster require creativity, artistic flair, or an ability to perform onstage or on-camera.

Are you good at fixing things or figuring out why something isn't working? WHY IT MATTERS: Professionals in this cluster are creative thinkers who use technical knowledge, high-tech tools, and hands-on skills.

Can you complete multiple assignments on time and on your own without reminders? WHY IT MATTERS: Many people in arts-related fields are self-employed. They work for several different clients instead of for a single company.

How do you react when others suggest ways to improve your work performance?WHY IT MATTERS: Creative work gets judged by audiences, critics, editors, and clients, so dealing with criticism is part of most jobs.

Do you enjoy working on projects as part of a team?WHY IT MATTERS: These professionals combine talents to create a final product. No matter how talented you are, you have to be able to work well on a team to succeed.

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