Do you like working with people?WHY IT MATTERS: In this cluster, you have to relate well to clients and coworkers.

Can you multi-task and handle deadlines?WHY IT MATTERS: Work can be fast-paced in Hospitality & Tourism.

Are you interested in people from different backgrounds?WHY IT MATTERS: This work can bring you into contact with people from across the country and around the world.

Can you study and master new subjects and skills?WHY IT MATTERS: To get ahead you have to understand the industry.</span

Can you work extra hours and weekends?WHY IT MATTERS: Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to meet your clients’ needs.

Looks like a career in Hospitality & Tourism might fit you well. Check out the Hot Jobs and read the Bios below of people who work in some of those jobs to learn more about their paths to see if you relate to their stories.
Your answers indicate that your interests and skills might lie in other areas. Check out the Hot Jobs and Bios below to see if you really think this is a good fit. If not, you might want to select another career cluster to explore.

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