Are you interested in environmental issues?WHY IT MATTERS: The environment is the canvas on which all Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources career paths are painted. A basic interest in environmental issues is a must for success in this field.

Do you have a love for the great outdoors?WHY IT MATTERS: In Alabama, plenty of jobs are available in this career cluster; the majority of them will lead you outdoors.

Are you good with animals, or interested in biological sciences?WHY IT MATTERS: Food production jobs allow you to work closely with animals. Students who are comfortable around animals have a leg up on this career path.

Do you enjoy gardening, camping, hunting, or fishing? WHY IT MATTERS: Jobs in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources often require you to get your hands dirty, whether you are leading a fishing trip or landscaping a new business complex.

Do you have strong organizational skills?WHY IT MATTERS: Jobs in this career cluster are best suited to people with a well-rounded work ethic and the ability to stay organized.

Looks like a career in Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources might fit you well. Check out the Hot Jobs and read the Bios below of people who work in some of those jobs to learn more about their paths to see if you relate to their stories.
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