Are you a NASCAR, boating, or BMX fan? An interest in and passion for automotive and off-road sports is often a sound basis for a career in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.

Are you strong and coordinated?WHY IT MATTERS: Some of the jobs in this cluster are physically intense and are often best performed by job candidates who possess great physical strength and coordination.

Do you like to travel?WHY IT MATTERS: Jobs in the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics cluster can take you all over the globe.

Do you have strong math, science, and computer skills?WHY IT MATTERS: Math, science, and computers have helped to paint the landscape in which the jobs in this career cluster are performed.

Are you good at operating tools and machinery?WHY IT MATTERS: It requires a precise set of skills to operate the machinery that makes the jobs in this career cluster possible.

Looks like a career in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics might fit you well. Check out the Hot Jobs and read the Bios below of people who work in some of those jobs to learn more about their paths to see if you relate to their stories.
Your answers indicate that your interests and skills might lie in other areas. Check out the Hot Jobs and Bios below to see if you really think this is a good fit. If not, you might want to select another career cluster to explore.

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