Introducing DAVID

The Atlanta Fed has partnered with the State of Alabama to create DAVID, the Dashboard for Alabamians to Visualize Income Determinations.

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What is DAVID?

DAVID is the first solution of its kind in the country, and it is designed to help people navigate the loss of public assistance as they move along a career pathway.

DAVID logo

What Will DAVID Do?

  • DAVID will help individuals understand how much money they will gain through paid employment and will help them cope with the loss of public assistance as they progress through their career pathways.

  • DAVID will map benefits cliffs for in-demand occupations across Alabama, which will help individuals visualize how their incomes will increase over time as they move toward self-sufficiency.

  • DAVID will also help us implement a no-wrong-door approach to the workforce development system by helping our case mangers across multiple state agencies provide a continuum of services for consumers of the public workforce system.