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Alabama Office of Apprenticeship Announce Members

The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship is proud to announce the appointment of the members of the Alabama Apprenticeship Council (the Council) by Governor Kay Ivey. The Council was established through Act 2019-506 sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr. The Council serves as a regulatory body assisting in the formulation of policies that concede the effective administration of apprenticeship programs. The Council is composed of public and private individuals representing employer and employee organizations that are familiar with apprentice able occupations. Council meetings are subject to Alabama’s Open Meetings Act and will be announced through the Alabama Secretary of State’s website.

Ex-officio members of the Council are:
Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama
Will Ainsworth, Lieutenant Governor of Alabama
Del Marsh, President Pro Tempore of the Senate of Alabama
Mac McCutcheon, Speaker of the House of Alabama
Jimmy Baker, Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System
Dr. Eric Mackey, Alabama Superintendent of Education
George Clark, Chair of the Alabama Workforce Development Board
Tim McCartney, Chair of the Alabama Workforce Council

Appointed members of the Council are:
Mary Allbritten, Alabama AFL-CIO Labor Institute for Training, appointed through November 2022
Rep. Napoleon Bracy, Jr., AUSTAL USA, appointed through November 2022
Daniel Flippo, United Steelworkers, appointed through November 2020
Jerry Grissom, Southern Company, appointed through November 2021
Willie Guilford, IV, American Buildings Company, appointed through November 2020
Kellie Hope, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, appointed through November 2022
Robin Ricks, Manufacture Alabama, appointed through November 2021
Casey Shelton, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, appointed through November 2021
Amber Turner, North Alabama Workforce Development Alliance, appointed through November 2020

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