A Smart Move for Alabama

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and has had a profound impact on the manufacturing process. Factories have evolved, using intelligent and automated processes, making the concept of a smart factory a reality.

The smart factory manufacturing experience is focused on transformative technical areas including: automation & robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, data analytics, and 3D printing.

“In our constant mission to stay ahead of the demands of the ever-changing manufacturing world, we needed to upgrade the Robotics Technology Park with the latest advancements in robotics and automation. This upgrade once again makes the RTP a world-leader in robotics and automation
training.” – Ed Castile, Deputy Secretary, Workforce Development Division, Director of AIDT.

Alabama Robotics Technology Park (RTP) is launching the next phase in robotics training to keep Alabama’s business and industry ahead of the curve. Manufacturers can take advantage of innovative robotics training for their employees while not shutting down production. AIDT offers this training at no-cost to the company.

“Launching RTP 2.0 is exciting for Alabama companies as they gain access to some of the most revolutionary processes in the manufacturing industry. Staying ahead of industry advancements is crucial to developing a highly skilled and competitive workforce, which aligns with the mission of AIDT.” – Kristi Bain, Assistant Director of North Alabama for AIDT.

RTP 2.0 officially launches on January 7, 2020 at 10 am at the Robotics Technology Park located at 6505 U.S. Highway 31 in Tanner, Alabama. AIDT instructors, stakeholders, robotics vendors, and employers will be on hand to celebrate the launch and provide additional information.

Media attending the RTP 2.0 launch will get exclusive, advance access to a major announcement regarding Mazda Toyota Manufacturing (MTM) as well as interview access to MTM officials.