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About AWSP

About AWSP

The Alabama Workforce Stabilization Program (AWSP) is a needs-based workforce training program that awarded $17,827,178.11 grant through a grant form the U.S. Department of Education Re-Imagine Workforce Program (RWP) provided through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The purpose of the AWSP is to provide opportunities for 7,080 Alabama workers that have been displaced by COVID-19, to develop new skills in high demand industries:  Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Information Technology, Transportation, distribution/logistics and Construction. The method for participation in the AWSP is employer driven, but the ultimate goal is to assist the individual worker.

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Goal #1 – Provide short term education and training programs to 7,080 participants.
Goal #2 – Help 200 Alabama Businesses avoid lay-offs, up-skill current employees, develop talent pipelines.

Program Details

  • Offsets the costs to participants for a short-term education program

  • Designed to provide integrated education for participants who co-enroll in adult education and CTE courses

  • Awards college credit through the ACCS PriorHelp students who need assistance in meeting requirements for the Ability to Benefit program

  • This program allows adults who have not yet earned a HS Diploma or GED to access the Pell Grant by either passing an ability to benefit assessment of basic skills or by completing at least two 3-hour for credit college courses

Funding provided through the U.S. Department of Education RWP CARES Act – CFDA84-425G.


AWSP Overview
Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace
Workforce Champion Award


The AWSP program is targeted toward the following:

Participant Benefits

  •  The grant award has a competitive preference, prioritizing programs that serve individuals who reside/work in rural communities or Opportunity Zones.
  • All participants will be provided integrated Case Management by Alabama Career Center Staff; including:
  • Individual Employment Plan
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Personal training equipment
  • DHR and Community Colleges will be able to provide assessment and precertification of WIOA eligibility
  • DHR will assist in identifying state and local organizations to provide personalized support for the AWSP Participants successful transition into education and training courses.
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Participant Expectations

  • Participants must complete the Customer Information Form or update AlabamaWorks Profile.

  • Once updated, each participant must make an appointment with the local career center where you will receive integrated case management.

  • Employment Opportunities are limited to participating AWSP employers.

  • Participants will work with Career Center representatives to determine level of services and the best career advancement path.

  • The competitive preference of the grant award is to prioritize programs serving individuals who reside/work in rural communities or Opportunity Zones.

How to Get Started


Click and download the participant from below and make an appointment at your local career center to begin.

Fill Out Form


Connect to the career center near you and make an appointment.

Find a Career Center


Begin your career adventure and skill up!


The Alabama Workforce Stabilization program is designed to help Alabama businesses avoid lay-offs, upskill current employees, and develop talent pipelines.

  • Provide entry level employment for “new to the workforce” participants
  • Hire new talent with On the Job Training assistance

  • Incentivize workers to stay with the company by providing upskilling through Incumbent Worker Training programs

  • Train supervisors and managers to identify mental health issues that affect the production and efficiency of the employee. The University of Alabama VitAL program will provide all AWSP employers Mental Health First Aid Training


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Funding provided through the U.S. Department of Education RWP CARES Act – CFDA84-425G.