In response to the pending layoff of employees for WAITR, the Alabama Department of Commerce and AlabamaWorks! State Rapid Response Team stand ready to assist affected employees with resources and guidance.

Once the layoff occurs, affected WAITR employees will be considered “Dislocated Workers”, which potentially qualifies them for benefits through the WIOA (Workforce Innovative Opportunity Act). WIOA provides funding up to $19,000 for training to learn new skills in addition to supporting the On-The-Job Training Program (OJT), where the state contracts with companies to hire dislocated workers and reimburses that company up to ½ the employees’ wages for up to 6 months. WIOA also offers relocation expenses up to $3,500 if a dislocated worker must move (beyond 75 miles) to find employment. Those affected by the layoff are encouraged to visit the Alabama Career Center closest to them. Alabama Career Centers serve as a one-stop-show for employment needs, and a listing of their locations and hours of operation can be found HERE.

Beyond upskilling and training, there are also several social services provided through state and local community agencies to help those affected through this transition into reemployment. Please contact our State Rapid Response Team for more information, via email at [email protected] or by contacting (334) 242-5417.