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RFP Youth Work-Based-Learning Payroll Services – Answers to RFP Questions Version 2

Work-Based Learning Payroll Services Q&A

Updated May 20, 2021

1. The scope of proposal states the GLWA is divided into five separate workforce areas and must each have its own separate funding. Can you provide clarity into what level of detail is desired? Would this be for tracking total hours & funds that go to each area? Or would a more granular reporting be needed? ie. a completely separate banking account and financial records for each area.

This is for Tracking total hours and funds for each area.

2. Are learning wages being allocated to the Vendor as a reimbursement or at the startup of the project?


3. Will the weekly timesheets/paperwork come from one Career Center staff person? Or will the Vendor have 5 individual offices to coordinate with?

Each Career Center in the 5 local areas will send in time sheets. Timesheets could be received from more than one Career Center in each Local Area.

4. Can the Vendor set the method on how timesheet hours are transmitted to the Vendor? For example, could the Career Center staff email a spreadsheet with the requested data and then mail copies of the timesheets to be stored as backup.

If the Vendor has a different but efficient method in place for the entire payroll process, please respond based on your payroll method.

5. The proposal states the Vendor is to prepare all necessary employee paperwork. What paperwork is being referred to (employment application, w2, etc.)? ; If the Career Center is recruiting and hiring the employee, will the Vendor have the employee fill out their own specific employment application? If yes, can this be done before an actual employment offer is given? Can the Career Center give these documents to the employee as part of their recruiting process?

Yes, to all questions

6. Other than E-verify, will any security clearances be needed?


7. Will the employee fall under the HR policies of the Vendor?

Yes, while in the program. The WBL program has guidelines for participants and worksites to follow.

8. In cases where disciplinary actions or termination are needed, will the Vendor be expected to take lead on these actions?

No. The Career Center Case Manager handles these situations.

9. Can the Vendor require direct deposits for all employees?


10. Is there a maximum number of participants we should consider? It would be extremely helpful to calculate the direct costs.

In Program Year 2019 we served approximately 650 youth participants

11. With regards to the Vendor profit, the proposal mentions this item is negotiated separately. Does this mean we are not to insert a proposal for profit for this RFP?

You need to include your proposed Vendor profit in your proposal. If the proposal is acceptable except for the amount of Vendor profit; then the Vendor profit can be negotiated.

12. For the budget proposal, how do we handle submitting our budget for our work compensation’s insurance when different jobs vary in work comp codes and cost? If awarded, we would have to submit work comp by job descriptions to our insurance company for approval and cost.

Submit your best estimate of proposed cost for workers comp.

13. On the State of Alabama Disclosure Statement page, the question pertaining to any partners, divisions or related business units receiving any grants from state agency/department – does WOTC count?

Act 2001-955 requires the disclosure statement to be completed and filed with all proposals, bids, contracts, or grant proposals to the State of Alabama in excess of $5,000 this does not include WOTC.

14. Will any of the program participants be allowed to work on roofing or aloft above 6ft?

This is considered a work experience training service to assist youth in developing basic work skills. Participants have not been allowed to work as roofers.

15. Will we be allowed to place safeguard policies and restrict employees from performing a list of “high risk” tasks while they are working on their assigned job sites?

The payroll vendor is responsible for providing workers compensation insurance; therefore youth participants must abide by the payroll vendor’s workers comp policy and restrictions.

16. In the past, what were the percentages for the most common fields?

Store Retail 14%

Child Care Center Clerical 14%

Auto Repair 15%

Social Services 16%

Clerical 41%

17. Is preference given to local based firms?

No preference to local based firms.

18. Do you have a preferred staffing firm that you have been using? Has there been any recurring pain points with any firms that you have used that you would like to see a future firm resolve?

Our Department has never had problems with past payroll vendors.

19. Approximate # of participants to be placed for the coming year?

The projected work-based learning wages are approximately $630,000.00. The approximate number of participants will vary because the rate of pay will vary depending on the job.

20. Will Youth participants participate in skilled trades work-based learning? Would it be acceptable to include separate pricing to cover the increased risk for skilled trades positions (ex. Welding, construction etc.)?

The Local Boards would like for the youth to participate in skill trades but the cost is greater. Separate pricing for the workers compensation for these types of positions is acceptable.

21. Will PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) be required for any of these positions? If so, who will be responsible for providing the PPE? (Ex. Will worksite employers provide PPE if required?)

If a worksite employer requires PPE, they must provide the PPE.

22. Is July 1st your target date to start onboarding for this contract? What is the expected first pay period?

Yes, The participants should been paid on a weekly basis.

23. Timesheets: If the Employer of Recored has an electronic timekeeping system, can it be used in lieu of the manual system described in the RFP?


24. Is the board willing to accept a Compilation of financials in lieu of an audit?

Yes, with an explanation.

25. Can you provide the current payment terms to the Employer of Record?

Current contractor fees to process payrolls/taxes/expenses is 9% of Total Direct Costs.

26. Are drug screening and background screenings required for participants? If so, is the EOR required to cover the cost of those screenings?

No, drug screenings are not required

27. Will the participants work weekends? What is the standard work week?

Participant hours and work days are based the worksite employer; however, youth cannot work over 40 hours per week. The maximum number of hours for the WBL program is 390.

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