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Alabama Workforce Council Releases Survey on Barriers to Employment for Hourly Workers

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The Alabama Workforce Council conducted the Statewide Survey of Alabama Hourly Employees to identify barriers preventing workers, especially those from Alabama’s 16 special populations, from accessing education, training, or going to work. 

The survey was conducted by Cygnal between May 9th and 18th, 2023, and 408 hourly workers responded to the survey. 39% were male and 61% were female. The results of the survey identified an array of barriers for these workers. 

The majority of those surveyed identified childcare as a very important factor in their ability to attend work regularly. 52% of parents have missed work because they don’t have childcare. In addition, 38% of working parents drive their kids to school.  

Transportation also remains a barrier for hourly workers.  Half of workers drive over 30 minutes in their commute, and a third of workers have lost or quit their job due to transportation issues. Nearly 60% of workers have missed work due to their car breaking down, a majority of workers do not have access to public transportation, and 13% of those surveyed reported that they have no other reliable transportation to work.   

More than a third of those surveyed reported delaying a new job, taking a new position with the same employer, or entering school or training for fear of losing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. 52% reported a similar course of action for fear of losing Medicaid.   

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