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Study shows Alabama leading the way in helping people get education for good jobs.

The Lumina Foundation recently released findings showing that Alabama and Indiana are leading the way when it comes to connecting their citizens to education and training for high-paying, in-demand jobs.

Alabama’s approach is one that creates partnerships and connections to remove barriers for people who want to learn beyond high school.  In today’s economy, training and education beyond high school are critical to getting a high-wage, high-demand job.  Removing barriers so that ALL Alabamians have access to training is a top priority for Governor Kay Ivey, and will lead to better jobs, better lives, and a reduction in poverty in our state.

Governor Ivey’s Success Plus Plan has a goal of adding 500,000 credentialed workers to the workforce by 2025.  Alabama’s current post-secondary attainment rate is 45.1,%, an increase of 13.25 percentage points higher since 2009.  This study shows that removing barriers, collaborating with providers, and creating connections among public agencies is working and has Alabama on the path to meet the Success Plus goal.

For more information, access the original article by the Lumina Foundation, as well as the data from the 2021 Evaluation Report.

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